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There should be a mandatory one year of service in the U.S. for all people upon finishing or quittin ...
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The GOP will splinter into many factions.bitter graphic hits1
If Donald Trump is elected President it will be the end of the world as we know it.bitter graphic hits1
The Republican Presidential candidates suffer from paranoid fantasies.bitter graphic hits2
How come this site has had. O visits?clear-cut gram tickles2
The government should do more research into the health effects of sitting all day.bitter graphic hits2
The news is too depressing.clear-cut gram tickles2
Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States.bitter graphic hits2
It was a good idea to be vague about where the inspectors may go in Iran.bitter graphic hits2
The Western allies should use force to stop ISIS from destroying ancient art.bitter graphic hits2
Sometimes a single tweet, no matter when made, should be the end of a career.dead comfort kills2
The US government needs to spend more money to stimulate job growth.dead comfort kills2
Israel should have been included in the nuclear talks with Iran.dead comfort kills2
The nuclear deal with Iran is the best that can be achieved under the circumstances.dead comfort kills3
A wedding business that refuses to provide wedding servies for a same-sex marriage, whether based on a religious belief or not, is treating people like second-class citizens.dead comfort kills2
These “religious freedom laws” are a vehicle to treat people like second-class citizens.dead comfort kills2

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